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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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they found the guy, he went missing. >> again police confirmed this afternoon 24-year-old matthew genovese was pulled from the hudson river around 1:30 today. they don't know what happened, what led up to his disappearance. an investigation is now underway. ray villeda, news 4 new york. heavy snow caused a roof to collapse in south amboy. >> you're looking at the roller rink off of main street in south amboy. st before noon the owners were called, emergency services, they reported hearing the sounds of creeking and breaking wood. after the rate of 2 plus feet of snow here fell in south amboy, emergency crews responded. they found at least four wooden beams in the structure compromised.
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luckily no injuries here to report. since then this aftern oon, a portion of the rear of the building has collapsed. currently on scene, we have utility crews securing gas and electric as i mentioned, the building evacuated no one injured at the scene. gas and electric contain as we speak, as we bring you back out at this point it's yet to be determined if this building can be saved. a ol58-year-old building, a staple here at the south amboy community. a lot of nter inment has gone on at this building over the years. a large gaping hole in the rear of it yet to be determined. >> dennis, backo you in the studio. >> governor christie is getting grilled about prioritizing the campaign trail over his snowy and flooded state. when asked why he wasn't in south jersey dealing with a mess at a newu conference. he replied, do you want me to go down there with a mop? tonight he's saying sorry, sort of.
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my words and my words were not directed toward them. insaid all along there was damage there. >> ted greenberg has new details at 5:00. >> we were here this afternoon when several members of the state office of emergency management showed up at the scene of west wildwood's worst storm damage. we can't be sure if they were sent here by governor christie. we do know the governor has already apologized at least once today. i feel hurt. >> amid the destruction and debris in west wildwood. a rising tide of anger from storm victims toward governor christie. >> he's trying to downplay it becausee has other goals. >> i don't know what you expect me to do. you want me to go down there with a mop? >> reporter: his campaign remarks were in response to a question about why he was there instead of assessing damage from the weekend nor'easter in new jersey. >> i think he should bring two mops. one to mop up and one to stick
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shine. >> the comment has struck a nerve in cape may county, along with another that there was no sidual flood damage and comparisons to hurricane sandy. >> i heard one crazy mayor in south jersey say, this is worse flooding tha sandy. here's what you need to know, his town didn't get hit by sandy. >> i hink tse governor was erinseisitive to the business owners and residents down here. patrick was personally diinsappointed and disagrees with the notion that sandy was a nonevent here. >> a lot of the same people who were fbelooded out by this past weekend had significant damage during hurricane sandy. the governor who he supported for many years called this morning to say he's sorry. >> it was a genuine ngologr, i accepted that apology, i believe he genuinely feels he misspoke and perhaps said things he wish he hadn't said.
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governor showed a lack of respect to local first responders who spent long hours standing in waist deep frigid water rescuing people who were stranded in their homes. ted greenberg, news 4 new york. >> we're going to take you to queens right now. the borrow having a worse time digging out. so many of you have been e-mailing your concerns to us. it's been 64 hours since the storm stopped. is progress finally being made in i queens. andrew siff has the answer for us. >> reporter: we've been all over the borough today. there is progress being made in queens. ere's a method in the arsenal behind me. this is one of 36 melters, melting millions of tons of snow that have been removed from the city street today.
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after scooping up more than 7 million tons of snow, the sanitation commissioner stopped just short of the fin h line. >> i would like to stay with 99%. i'm sure you'll all go find the one strehe that i have missed. >> reporter: she's right, we did. this is 85th street in south ozone park. still impassable at noon today. >> we forgot we were like a third world country. >> reporter: glenn expressing his frustration. they saw the most snow and the longest wait for snow reedvah, up to three days. >> you're actually the last reet n the city to aet plowed. >>'t i believe you. >> we know it's been a tough few days. >> the commissioner drove home the messages. in nands that got 30 inches plus, including 3 inches an hour at the height of the storm, machinery 'tuld only move so fast. >> we're talking about having to do scoop by scoop out o some of
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loader, it's very slow. >> reporter: and speaking of slow. >> very frustrating, i've been here about three hours shoveling. >> reporter: haley was ready to go.or>> i had to move my car, it's pretty bad. >> reporter: the cars are plowed in. her mood echoed the queens neighborhoods tired of waiting and glad the snow is starting melt. she got out, today we w t back to many of the neighborhoods we visited on sunday and monday. they have been cleared, ob rviously. even the sanitation commissioner ncedes there are blocks out there that either haven't been plowed or have only been plowed once or twice, and still have snow on the street. she assures the residents of queens and citywide you will be tten o as well. as foret this melter yau see behind e, you may be wondering, how it works, how fast can it melt the snow? we'll have those answers for you
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andrew siff, news 4 new york. >> andrew, thank you. new at five, schools will reopen in newark tomorrow. that announcement just made. the things are getting better in the streets and city. but are they? we sent our crews out there to see for ourselves. jen max field has been in the hard hit neighborhood all day. what did you find? >> reporter: we've been here in the iron bound section of newark. this area was particularly hard hit by the storm. the cleanup came slowly. we went back to some of the same blocks where we were yesterday. and we saw something new. the pavement. >> warmer temperatures are helping to melt snow away from all the streets of newark. here at the corner of chambers and clover, plow trucks finally showed up this morning to clear the intersection. it's a dramatic change from moaned afternoon. this area blocked by mounds of snow. >> it's pretty disappointing, i was expecting the city to come by. cleanup the mess.
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his car for the first time since the storm today. others like james are not so lucky. >> i don't know what to do, kicking my car out. see people stuck in their houses. i use some of my sick days. i had to take a loss on some of it. it's pretty terrible. >> reporter: for people trying to walk around newark. uncleared sidewalks have forced them to walk in the street dangerously close to the cars. at the office of emergency management, more than a dozen city workers are answer ing ing residents calls. >> it's my responsibility to be as involved in a solution as i possibly can. >> reporter: the 89 department of transportation workers and 54 dot trucks that a ived in newark monday night have helped immensely. they doubled the number of plow trucks on the roads and already crted away 1700 tons o i f snow by 10:00 a.m.
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streets take time, and i think that today outbound is ara lot better off. like most partsf the city. we'll keep working, that's how we'll geit clear.pd we certainly had still heard some complaints from residennd in this neighborhood about streets that remain impassable. pr ress is being made in the iron bound section of newark and throughout the city. that's why after twond straigh snow days, the children will be going back to schb l on wednesday. live tonight in the iron bound section of newark, new jerseyw jen max fiellu news 4 new york. new at 5:00, it turns out e cold contributed to the death of a woman found dead in her car at a burger king. too afraid to drive home from hackensack during the blizzard. we brought you the discovery of francis mcquaid's body as breaking news yesterday. the woman was 78 years old and died of coronary zrtery disease. weo have a transit alert for you tonight. it's a welcome bit of news for
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been restored. services resumed around 2:00 vthisyafternoon. path workers had to clear a section of track that were buried under snow drifts ranging from 4 to 16 feet high. the pat system now is completely up to speed. long island railroad trains are back up and running. se rvice restored on the lirr is morning, the first time since the weekend storm. four lines were still out of commission. the snow piled up, now, it is the garbage, because of the magnitude of last weekend's storm. the department of sanitation has not been picking up the trash. you can see the results in long island city and other communities all over the five bur roys. the sanitation told us the garbage pick june will resume on thursday. so if all goes as planned, we n't have to put up with this ss for too much longer. a lot of you are sharing yo tur storm concerns with us. and we want you to continue to hear from you. e-mail us at tips at
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area. send some of the photos and we'll se a crew your way to help get your problem taken care of. sad news in the entertainment world. abe vigoda has died. >> we'll take a closer look at his career. she tookhihe subway to avoid the snowy streets and wound up getting slashed. next, how the victim described the terrifying encounter. at 5:30, how did this happen, an epic traffic jam near laguardia last night. others paid insane prices for cab rides. what four investigates about this mess. temperatures today into the 40s near 50 in some spots, me llting more enow. we're tracking rain. that's it, just some rain. we'll have details in the
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call now. a major scare in san diego today. people working at a navy medical facility were told to run and hide after someone reported a gunman inside. a hospital was locked down and everyone evacuated. authorities determined it was a false alarm.
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we do a lot of training to help people recognize what they're supposed to do in the event of an active shooter. the nearby schools were also locked down a s a precaution. you may have missed this, a woman slashed in a noho subway station. her attacker is still out there. >> that woman is speaking with news 4 about that frightening assault. mark santia has more information for us. >> just moments ago, that survivor walked home. carmen trivera, we walked with her, she's in very good spirits. carmen did not want to show her face, but she did want her voice heard. >> with two feet of snow on the grlund. carmen rivera opted to take the subway instead of her usual bus to work. >> i got to the late train which was after 6. >> carmen hho no i ea who this guy was sitting across from s r on the train.
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stranger stumbled, falling on to carmen. >> just pretending that he fell, he fell on top of me, and that's when he slashed my face. i didn't even know, because i didn't feel no pain or anything. >> first he grabbed, then he slashed carmen's face. >> he just ran. he flu, he flu. they couldn't get him. they tried to get him but they couldn't, he was ying. >> the man escaped off the sixr train. carmen needed 20 stitches to close the wound on her face. >> i said, let me see your cut. she showed me, t's four inches in the face. >> amelia is a protective big sister, not only of carmen but all new yorkers after three random slashing attacks in manhattan in the last few weeks. >> you have to be stopped. you have to have some conscience
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>> carmen prays for her attacker but says he needs to be arrested.ut>> went back to work. what are you doing? what's going to happen is going to happen. that's it. you can't predict . >>suneay after the attack. carmen was back at work. she says she refuses to be scared, she refuses to stop living. if someone recognizes the man who attacked her, the man still on the loose, they called police. carmen says she does not want th to happeu to anyone else. marc santia, news 4 new york. the 25-year-old man is in the hospital recovering from a police bullet. he threatened officers with the knife. the confrontation happened just after midnight when police responded at the 911 call near the fdr. officers cased julian de jesus to an apartment where he lunged at them with a knife. one officer hit him in the chest
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if you are a tv viewer of a certain age, you probably remember a show called "barney miller" and a detective named fish will well, the actor, abe vigoda has died. his character spun off into a show of his own, quite different from his role of the godfather decades earlier. he passed away today at his daughter's home in woodland park, new jersey. he was 96 years old. >> he was such a character too. you could not turn away from him on the screen. >> very tall, too. >> very tall. he was in our building on and off on different shows like conan o'brien and stuff, he would show up on david letterman even. he was around, even in his older age, he was out there doing his thing. we'll miss him. across our area today, lots of melting going on, as the temperatures warmed up across the area this afternoon.
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degrees above average today. 48 officially in central park. other locations in the mid to upper 40s this afternoon. you probably noticed a lot of snow melting. it will freeze over again tonight as the temperatures drop in some spots. you may get your umbrella early. we're checking a few showers. and the january thaw is coming next week. temperatures have thawed, some snow already. 45 in morse town. in poughkeepsie. here come those rainshowers now, weak cold front passing through the area at this hour. parts of hunterdon county. this rain stretches all the way down the gulf coast. it's a lot heavier down here. we got the clouds, and the clouds are going to hang on form a bit. behind that, they're slightly cooler temperatures, we won't really need an umbrella that long as the system passes through.
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nino pattern where the snow stays in the west and the mild temperatures will be in the east. mid to upper 40s, 5 to 10 degrees above average next week, we're going to see a lot of snow melt. hopefully not too quickly, that can cause issues with flooding. plenty of potholes will be forming. the chance of precipitation willing rain only when we get that next week. a few light showers this evening, as you're out and about. lingering sprinkle by 9:00, by 11:00, it should be drying out across the area. there's not much here at all. tomorrow afternoon, with the northwalst flow, you might get a few flurries. overall, clear skies going into thursday and a few snow showers north and west. the storm we talked about this weekend is going to stay out to a. no big snows for us. that's good. friday 39 degrees. saturday 38. it's dry for this weekend, here come the 40s, the sea saw in the temperatures come right back.
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>> we are all feeling that way. >> did you win something, janice? >> i'm not sure, you tell me. good weather. >> you know it's a really busy morning on the fdr today. >> sure was. one new arrival could not wait to go to the hospital to make her entrance into the world. officer's with the nypd's emergency unit helped deliver bash by nicole this morning. while it was their first roadside delivery, the officers say it's all in a day's work. >> emergency service unit trains for wide variety of unusual circumstances. all new york state emergency medical technicians, that's just the tip of the iceberg. we do so many different duties in the city. >> baby nicola and mom were taken to cornell hospital. both are doing well tonight.
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screening recommended for women during their pregnancy and after. >> health officials believe this could protect them from. and think playing the horn is a bad idea? a wild case of road rage erupts
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it is often considered the most joyous time in a mother's life. a government appointed task force is recommending all women be screened for depression during and after pregnancy. there is a growing evidence of material maternal mental illness, there are ways to diagnose and treat the symptoms. depression screening can help
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>> we have a consumer alert for you. the recall covers nearly 391,000 ranger trucks. the automaker says the air bags can explode, too much force causing serious injuries. the recall comes days after the government announced a south carolina man -- when a deflator exploded. another recall, this one for frozen pizza sold at whole foods. pizzas are labels as containing uncured beef pepperoni. the pizzas were produced between january of last year and just st week, they were sold in st ores in new york, new jersey and connecticut. a frightening case of road rage was caught on camera yesterday afternoon. >> take a look here. one man grabbed a bat, another grabbed a stick and they proceeded got it. neither one of the men appeared to be seriously hurt after the altercation.
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both left the intersection before police arrived. david's here now to calm things down for us. tell us what's coming up new at 5:30. we have a warning for anyone with a smart phone. the nefarious new website that will cash your phone with a single click. an epic traffic crackdown at laguard . i'd daho 'd da siegal at the airport. officers shooting to a car. what set this all off and what a
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